When you’ve been unfortunate enough to have been involved in an accident did you know it is your legal right to have your vehicle repaired at anywhere of your choosing. The insurance companies will try and tell you different! The insurance companies typically do this is because it saves them money.

When it comes to your insurance company they will try and push you into getting your repairs completed at their recommended repairer (they look after the insurance companies needs instead of yours) and whilst the majority of accident repair specialists like us are professional companies, there are still many bodyshops who will repair your vehicle as cheaply as possible (so they make as much as possible for themselves and insurance companies) not taking your quality expectations or any sort of customer service into account – so why take a chance? Remember we look after your needs first!

Your insurance company may also state you need to have two separate estimates completed before they proceed if you’re not using their repairer, which is simply not the case. They may also mention other “features” that may be available to you with your policy such as a courtesy vehicle or bodywork guarantee upon completion.

At PL Vehicle Servies we can offer these benefits to all our customers whether you’re making an insurance claim, you’re a non-fault driver, or retail customer. We have state of the art facilities to repair all makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles. Whether your vehicle has been involved in a crash, has received minor paint or bodywork damage, or has scuffed alloy wheels, we can repair it at competitive rates. We only use environmentally approved paint and coatings and have chosen to be regulated by the local authorities to demonstrate our commitment to the protection of our environment. So if you’d rather do what’s best for your vehicle, rather than what’s best for your insurer give us a call on 0161 920 0922