Feeling that you are not getting the best performance from your car can be extremely frustrating.

If you don’t think you are getting the best from your car you need our Diagnostic Services. We use the latest equipment to check your car to identify any areas that aren’t performing as they should.
How will a Diagnostic Health Check help me?

Today’s modern motor vehicle is highly sophisticated and the need for accurate, fast and effective diagnosis of problems is critical.

Prevention is better than a cure and usually less expensive. That’s why we recommend that your vehicle has a Diagnostic Health Check as part as of its routine service.

• Lower running costs through better fuel economy.
• Reduced risk of breakdown due to pending component failure.
• Confirmed operation of safety systems.
• Improved performance.
• Maximise your vehicle’s resale value through accurate service records.
• Peace of mind in knowing your car is performing at its best.

How much will a Diagnostic Health Check cost?

A Diagnostic Health Check costs only £15. Performed regularly, you can avoid costly bills before a crucial breakdown happens.

Call us on 0161 620 0922 to arrange a Diagnostic Check for your car.